Our private trucking fleet services routes in Canada and the U.S. and consists of over 55 tractors and 100+ trailers (operating 53 foot dry vans). Shandex Truck is licensed to transport 6.1 Toxic Substances and offers heated service.

All of our trucks are equipped with “state of the art” GPS tracking technology that provides us with real-time visibility into a truck’s location at all times, providing us with a digital trail of a truck’s activity and geographical co-ordinates. Our monitoring with the use of software technology, enhances our ability to manage the safety and performance of our drivers, notifying us instantly via e-mail if a truck is speeding or has experienced a sudden brake.

Environmentally conscious, our software technology gives us the expertise to manage fuel consumption and engine performance, tracking metrics such as an engine’s total idle time and fuel miles per gallon. In 2011, Shandex Truck participated in the Canadian Government’s “Commercial Green Vehicle Program” – a study focused on the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Shandex Truck Inc. is a Canadian & U.S. Bonded Carrier and is C-TPAT, FAST, CSA & PIP approved.