Warehousing and Logistics for Pharmaceutical and Retail Industries

Apart from handling its own products, Shandex is very proud of its Third Party Logistics (3PL) division which stores and handles finished goods for some of the largest pharmaceutical and retail manufacturers in the world. The Shandex Group and all of its distribution centers are licensed and approved by Health Canada to store and distribute Drug and Natural Health Products as well as Class I and II Medical Devices.

All Shandex facilities are GMP compliant and STR certified and are mapped and monitored electronically for temperature and humidity control. Inventory is tracked in real time by radio frequency technology within the Shandex warehouses with every movement of every product being captured in a validated electronic audit trail. These state of the art facilities can accommodate both racked and bulk climate controlled storage, cross docking, case and unit pick, lot tracking, kitting and displayer assembly.

Our Distribution Facilities